AccMIS Production & Job Costing Module

Product PJC


Managing Inventory is essential to an Organization. Over stocking will lead to excess storage requirements and additional financial cost. Under stocking will lead to loss of sales & customers. AccMIShelps Organization to keep stocks to an optimum level with re-order level report and prompt reminders. With Multiple Location feature you are totally in control of stocks. By providing Age Analysis and Slow Moving Report

Also, Controlling Estimates (BOM/BOQ) against actual usage is never easy. Without proper control you may not know where jobs are heading to. With AccMISwe give comprehensive tools to control Estimates with Actuals for Materials, Laborand Overhead which will help to take preventive measures. By controlling Estimates by Stages you can be precise in making decisions. AccMISstandard Item Assembly module will make creating standard Estimates easy


  • Enter BOQ
  • Creation of Jobs & Approvals
  • Strict Monitoring of BOQ against Stock Issues
  • Work In Progress Management
  • Supports StandardItem Assembly
  • Job Maintenance
  • Track Labour, Overheads and Services
  • Strictly Monitor BOQ Against Stock Issues
  • Monitor BOQ with Labour & Overheads
  • Comprehensive Work-in-progress Management
  • Supports Standard Item Assembly or Formulas
  • Estimates vs Actual Report for Materials, Labour & Overheads
  • Job Status Report
  • Profitability by Job
  • Job Wise Issue Report
  • Work-in-progress Report
  • Stage wise Issue Report
  • BOQ vs Actual with Variance Report
  • Inventory List with Details & Photos.
  • Multi Location Inventory
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Handles Finished Goods, Raw Materials, Packing Materials, etc.
  • Track Inventory on Purchase Order and Sales Orders
  • Stock Usage by Site
  • Bin Card Report
  • Re-Order Level Report
  • Stock take work sheet
  • Stock Aging Report
  • Slow Moving /Fast Moving / Non Moving Stock Report
  • Multiple Price List Facility
  • Multiple Currency
  • Inventory Assemble Modules (BOM)
  • Inventory De Assemble Modules
  • Item Transfer (Changing)
  • Item Location Transfer
  • Unit of measurement
  • Batch & Serial Number Tracking

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