AccMIS Advance Inventory Module

Product AIM


Managing Inventory is essential to an Organization. The Inventory Management module keeps a detailed accounting of inventory quantities, and at the same time, provides in-depth cost and sales information to help you make purchasing and pricing decisions. Over stocking will lead to excess storage requirements and additional financial cost. Under stocking will lead to loss of sales & customers.

AccMIS Inventory covers all stock related functions of an organization. It can easily handle all the store activities of issues, dispatches, receipts and quality control. Stock evaluation and management becomes easy with AccMIS. Excessive and non-moving stock which is one of the most important worry of any top management can be easily tracked by an organization using AccMIS inventory. With Multiple Location feature you are totally in control of stocks. A number of options allow you to create a flexible system that adapts to your requirements instead of requiring you to change your business to accommodate the system.


  • Maintain Inventory List with Details & Pictures
  • Tracks Finished Goods, Raw Materials, Packing Materials, etc.
  • Real-time Updating of Inventory
  • Multi Ware house Stock handling
  • Location wiseStock transferring
  • Re Order Level Notifications
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Warranty Tracking


  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Item Receipt
  • Good Received Note
  • Good Return Note(Debit Note)
  • Material Issue Note
  • Material Issue Return Note
  • Dispatch Note


  • Purchase by Department Summary Report
  • Purchase by Warehouse Summary Report
  • Purchase by Warehouse DetailReport
  • Serial Number Tracking Report
  • Warranty Tracking Report


  • Purchase Request Summary & Detail Report
  • Purchase Order Summary and Detail Report
  • GRN Summary & Detail Report
  • GRN Return Summary & Detail Report
  • Material Issue Note Report
  • Material IssueReturnNote Report
  • Dispatch Note Report
  • Stock Valuation Summary & Detail Report
  • Slow Moving Item Report
  • Fast Moving Item Report
  • NonMoving Item Report
  • Stock Aging Summary & Detail Report
  • Purchase by Vendor Summary & Detail Report
  • Stock by Warehouse Summary & Detail Report
  • Purchase by Item Summary Report
  • Open Purchase Request Report
  • Open Purchase Order Report

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