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Our goal is to provide efficient and accurate Payroll and Time Attendance Solutions for Small and Medium Scale Enterprise. With More than a year of experience behind us we seek to offer our customers the very best is service, quality and value for money

AccMIS Payroll is a fully automated payroll management system designed to make the tedious task of calculating payroll as simple as clicking a button. Built with the user in mind, the software is easy convenient and easy to use and can be adopted for use with anyindustry within hours. AccMIS Payroll is fully compliant with Sri Lankan Labor laws and statutory regulations.


  • Daily and monthly salary calculation
  • Setup master file
  • Setup fixed allowances and fixed deductions
  • Setup variable allowances and variable deductions
  • Staff Loan Maintenance and Repayments
  • Add Employee Bank details
  • Apply salary advance Add over time
  • Apply saving or other bank deduction form
  • Backing up and restoring facilities
  • Categorized by -Department, Class, Designation, Employee Type, Job Type
  • Auto calculation of Over Time, EPF, ETF, PAYE or custom defined
  • Gratuity Calculation
  • Lump Sum Payments
  • C forms, R4 Forms, six month returns, T9 PAYE Annual and T10
  • Preparation of bank transfer file (SLIPS) for auto bank transfer process
  • Electronic Transfer for EPF and ETF
  • Unlimited no of loans maintenance
  • Multi User with User Levels
  • Active Employees List
  • Terminate and In-Active Employees Lis


  • Salary Sheet
  • Pay Slip
  • Payroll Summary (Standard, by Department, by Class, by Job Type
  • Coinage (Summary, Detail)
  • Salary Advances, Overtime, No pay, Late Deduction, Salary Detail by Employee
  • Active, Inactive, Terminated employees, Birthday List, Gratuity
  • Allowance, Fixed Allowance, Deduction, Fixed Deduction, Salary Increment
  • Signature Sheet, Bank Transfer
  • Loan summary, Loan Balance, Loan Detail by Employee, Loan Settled
  • C Form, R4 Form, Form C3 Return, Form II Return, PAYE Tax, T-9A, T-10, Stamp Duty
  • Employees Salary History Report
  • Gratuity Report
  • Employees Movement Report
  • Many more Reports by Report Customization


  • Employee Information integration with hardware
  • Employee Time In Out by department, job category and division
  • No Pay attendance allowance production incentive calculation (Monthly & daily)
  • Staff Attendance Record
  • Late attendance early departed short leave and special leave set up and control
  • Auto calculation of Over Time
  • Piece rate calculation
  • Shift changing and additional specific customization for additional cost.
  • Backing up/Restoring facility
  • Maintenance of different shifts,
  • Complicated working rules (Daily, monthly and annual)
  • Calculation of customized over time hours
  • Multiple companies, departments and job categories
  • User definable leavetypes (Annual, Casual, medical, short leave etc.)
  • Over time, Late Attendance and Early Departures
  • Leave detail and summary reports
  • Integrated to payroll modul

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